How many reasons do we need to stand against terrorists?

By Farman Nawaz (The Frontier Post)

Last Week Qazi Hussian Ahmad held responsible America and India for the suicide attack on his life. Jamat-e-Islmai has given the same good reasons for an attack on Malala. Now JI must solve the riddle why would US and India target both Pro-Taliban and Anti-Taliban forces in Pakistan? Similarly Qazi Sahab must also find arguments for terrorism in the holy month of Muharam.

For terrorist attacks the religious minded parties have found the pretence that Taliban are justified for attacks on Pakistani security agencies because of Pakistan’s involvement in war on terror. These parties consider Taliban as nationalist and freedom fighter. Munawar Hassain has declared the technology of Jihad and martyrdom as the ultimate weapon of Muslims. Now they must also explain it to the nation that what is the cause of attacks on Shia community in Pakistan in the month of Muharam. Are Shias taking part in the war on terror?

Muharam is the Islamic month in which bloodshed is forbidden. I don’t support the aggressors but even US has stopped Drone attacks in Muharam. According to Holy Quran “the prohibited month is to be respected, if the same is respected by the enemy”. The war of Fijar was fought in the sacred months and hence was called Harb ul Fijar or the unholy war. Regarding Hilf-ul-Fuzul – an oath to avoid wars- Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) used to say throughout his life: I loved the oath in which I was present at the house of Ibn Jadans better than the gift of red camels, and I would do it again if I were called to it. (W.M. Watt, Muhammad at Makkah. P.33).

Ghulam Bilor of Awami National Party rightly said that the people who are not raising their voice against terrorists are either on terrorists’ side or afraid of them. Pakistan Army has expressed the same in a different way. A private news channel with the help of Pakistan army had prepared a program on the causes of terrorists’ safe heavens in North Waziristan. Its gist was explaining the reasons of delayed military operation in North Waziristan. The political parties’ differences over the military operation were gently criticized by the anchor person. The anchor clearly mentioned the names of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz and Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf as the sole opponents of the military operation against Taliban.

Though this clear statement of the anchor person of the program has revealed the politics of these parties and the real will of Pakistan army but the bounce back effect of this statement can cause in attraction of religious vote bank towards these parties. The journalist community must also keep these things in mind. It is also a kind of pre-pole rigging. I am not sure but in future the ‘real power house’ can use this kind of favor to rig the elections.

The future plans of stay or exit of western forces in Afghanistan will also have an effect on the Pakistan’s role in providing safe heavens to terrorists in North Waziristan. So far the slogans of negotiations with Taliban are in favour of Pakistan army. But on the other side the statements of army chief against Taliban, slogans of military operation against Taliban by Awami National Party, Mutahida Qaumi Movement, and Pakistan Peoples’ Party, and the recent statement of Nawaz Sharif on 9th of Muharam to take decisive steps against terrorists, are the indications of paving way for military operation against Taliban in North Waziristan.

The terrorists attacks in the sacred month of Muharam, attacks on innocent girl Malala, attacks on security forces, and then taking responsibility of these events have provided us a lot of reasons and ground to mold the minds of Pakistanis. What we are waiting for?  It is the time that anti-terrorism policy and philosophy can be framed and propagated.  It is the time to explain the myth of militancy of terrorists. It will take us few months in this modern age of communication to defame the terrorists by explaining their political philosophy to the nation.

The way Nawaz Sharif has gained nationwide fame during Zardari’s’ rule instead of being derided of policy of friendly opposition, I hope that he can find out a way to get rid of the fear of loss of religious vote bank. If the same religious vote bank can favor Imran instead of his maculated past and his present policy of bringing singers to stage to amuse the public, then it is very for Nawaz Sharif to talk against terrorists and to gain the sympathies of religious vote bank.  Would he like to wait for Imran to get the upper hand even in this aspect too?


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