If Indian folly continues…

By Farman Nawaz

According to Indian Court decision Afzal Guru was hanged to satisfy the collective conscience of society. Now is it binding on Pakistan to pay back in the same coins? Should Pakistani courts too satisfy the collective conscience of society by hanging Surbjeet Singh?

This is the question that will be surely raised by the hardliners of Pakistan in the upcoming scenario where Indian soldiers are killing Pakistani soldiers on LoC and did not care for the new approach of unarmed and nonviolent freedom movement of Kashmiris. Here in Pakistan too many are against trade relations with India and still wants to occupy Delhi. They will surely now start an anti-peace process not only to save their vested interests but also to satisfy the collective conscience of society.

The official statement of Communist party of India also plays a strong role in defending Afzal Guru innocence. “The manner in which the death sentence was executed has come in for valid criticism. The rejection of the mercy petition was not informed to the convict and the family and time given for approaching the Courts on this issue. The family of Afzal Guru was not given the opportunity to meet him for the last time. That a letter by registered and speed post was sent to the family informing them about the rejection of the mercy petition and the date of execution makes this act of commission all the more glaring and callous”.

His letter, consiting of simple words and message, to his wife will surely play a powerful role in arousing the publisc sentiments.

“6:25 am


Respected family and all the believers.

Asalam u alikum
(peace up on you)

I thank almighty, that he has chosen me for this stature. From my side, I want to congratulate all the believers. We all should stay with truth and righteousness, and our end must also come on the path of truth and righteousness. My request to my family is that instead of grieving over my end, they should respect the stature I have achieved.

Almighty God is your greatest protector and greatest help.

I leave you in Allah’s protection.”

In the scenario where Taliban have already announced that they would accept the guarantee of hardliners or pro-Taliban leadership for peace negotiations, it will be very easy for hardliners to mold the public opinion during the election campaign in the upcoming elections in Pakistan. Does India wish to see such people in Pakistani parliament and in Kashmir who would love to resort to armed struggle in Kashmir and strong Talibanization in Afghanistan and tribal regions of Pakistan?

This Indian recklessness will surely bring such people in power in Pakistan which will definitely try to hang Surbjeet Singh to satisfy the collective conscience of society which is hurt by India. Such steps will only strengthen Talibanization in the region which will, in the after 2014 scenario, only destroy Indian interests in Afghanistan and beyond.

As a whole Indian scholars are not satisfied with this decision of the Indian court and the same will be the situation in Pakistan in case Subjeet is hanged in Pakistan as ‘Tit for Tat’. However Indian scholars have the courage to speak against the decision but here in Pakistan, as the Indian folly have already stitched the lips of intelligentsia, so no one will come forward to criticize the hanging of Surbjeet Singh and I fear it may soon happen if Indian folly continues.

Now the question is whether we should also behave in the same way. May be someone think it a golden opportunity to divert the attention of hardliners towards India to settle the issues with Taliban. But is it a good decision to unify the hardliners at the time when foreign forces have decided to say good bye to Afghanistan. Will it not provide a pretense to Western forces to prolong thier stay in the region?

This is now the issue which needs public debate. Electronic media can play a leading role in arranging debates at different levels of society. General public, universities, colleges, scholars, politicians all can be asked to give their opinion. Otherwise if the case of Afzal Guru is taken to public by hardliners then it will take such an aspect that it will not be possible to work on “Aman Ki Asha” in future.


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