A test case for PTI government of KPK

By Farman Nawaz (The Frontier Post)

After the general elections in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa the most controversial ministry for Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf was the education ministry. Jamat-e-Islami was insisting to take this ministry and this insistence had almost got the shape of annoyance too. Social media also played its role to refrain PTI to hand over this ministry to JI. The education ministry was an important office for both these parties.

Now provincial government has started introducing reforms and Online FIR procedure is one its successes. Similar reforms are expected from the provincial government in education, health and many other departments. But here I would like to put a case study for education minister of KPK. Wouldn’t it be astonishing for our honorable education minister if he is informed that a school is not being made functional beside the fact that its salary based budget is even passed by the Finance department almost a year ago and the secretary to Govt. of KPK (Elementary & Secondary Education Department, Peshawar) is also notified? Here is the reference number of the letter of Finance department – NO.BOV/FD/2-31/2012-13

This letter is written to the education department to start Govt. Girls High School Mumbathi Barakzai District Bannu. According the letter the finance department agreed to the establishment of the said school whose construction is already completed in 2008 and its completion certificate has been issued by the EDO Finance & Planning department Bannu (letter reference # 308-09/PA/F&P/SNE) dated 03/05/2012.  On 25/8/12 Manager Employment Exchange Program Bannu has ordered four grade four employees to present themselves before EDO Education Bannu ( OCC code # 5-52-20/5-89-20/5-99-47/1-39-89,  Order # 388/EEB/Bannu). The Handing/Taking of the school is already done but still waiting to be functional.

Again isn’t it astonishing that this pathetic girls’ school whose construction was approved in 2004 and completed in 2012 was targeted on 8/2/2013 by terrorists and a bomb was exploded in it. It was partially damaged but still it can serve to provide education to the poor girls of the locality who cannot afford to come to city every day. But it is still not known why the local education department is not taking interest in making this school functional. The government have almost invested Rs. =15000000/- on this project till its completion but it is very weird that why government is not utilizing its own investment. This new government also claims to provide quality education to the people Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa. Let’s see how it deals this issue.

Mr. Saleem Rehman is the person who provided eight canal land free of cost for this project. Previously he was Nazim of his area. Currently he is chairman of reconciliation committee of City Police Station Bannu. He has knocked at every door to get justice.  First of all he objected the construction material used by the contractor but even then EDO education approved the Handing / Taking and released the security of the contractor. Mr. Saleem Rehman has the record of all those applications that he has sent to different concerned authorities and also kept the responses of the higher authorities. He is of the opinion that mainly education department is the main hurdle in making this school functional. His political affiliation is also one of the causes in delaying of all this procedure.

The question is that Saleem Rehman is only one example of our society who is struggling hard to establish a girls’ high school in his locality where even thinking of girls’ education is considered a sin. Malala is a victim of this kind of mentality. Isn’t it Mr. Saleem Rehman right to protest against this injustice? The other schools approved during 2004 are already functional and imparting education. The efforts of Saleem Rehman must be praised for his perseverance to make this school functional. He belong to an area where people just need a school to be used as ghost school but this person after completion of the building trying his best to make this school functional so that the girls education in his area is promoted. The way his school was targeted by terrorists similarly he could also be targeted for his efforts of promoting girls education. Instead of appreciating his efforts government officials are trying to discourage this person.

It is a case study for the new government of Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa which claims that corrupt elements will be kicked out of the scenario. Mr. Saleem Rehman has tried his best to bring the issue in front of the officers.  I have fulfilled my duty to bring this issue to media and now the ball is in the court of education minister of KPK. I am sending photocopies of few supporting documents to the editor of the newspaper if education minister is interested the editor of the newspaper can provide him the relevant documents. I hope that education minister will not ignore this issue like bureaucracy. His special interest in this school can benefit his party in Bannu in the upcoming by elections.


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