Pakistan on the way of global terrorism

By Farman Nawaz (The Frontier Post)

The opponents of drone attacks in Pakistan claim that drones are killing innocent people and in reaction the successors of the dead become suicide bombers. I am not going to challenge this straightforward claim however will the same people allow me to raise the question that from whom the successors of the innocent people, who are killed in suicide bombs, should take revenge.

In civilized and democratic societies people don’t resort to weapons but use their power of vote to take revenge. But here in Pakistan the people who are elected by popular vote are in favour of starting negotiations with the murders of innocent people.

The recent report published on September 27, 2013 of Urdu Daily Naibaat has revealed that in Peshawar 70% of the patients are psychic because of the security issues. May be the reason could be that they elected Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf to govern the province to let the people live in peace but PTI surrendered before the terrorists and could not discovered the political solution of the bloodshed at the hands of terrorists.

Now is it possible for the people to raise their voices against the politicians who are interested in negotiations with terrorists instead of the fact that these terrorists have killed almost fifty thousand innocent people. Certainly not. Because the same politicians put on the table the pretense that army is not sincere in negotiations – the ultimate solution of the problem.

The army pretends to be under the policies of civilian government and avoids taking action against the terrorists without the consent of the politicians. Army avoids the option of operation because it may cross the constitutional framework. Its example is the judicial activism against the Lal Masjid operation. Army does not want to start another operation in Waziristan on the pattern of Lal Masjid. But strangely the same army and judiciary were on board regarding Memo gate and Kerry Lugar Bill. Constitutional frame work was put on one side at that time.

The desperate people have lost their faith in democracy and army as well. Now what options are left with the deserted people of Pakistan? Uprising on the pattern of Arab spring is not possible in Pakistan. But the way the tribes of North Waziristan once surrendered before the Taliban because of the increasing Law and order situation, similarly the people of settled areas will look towards Taliban for peace.

The same kind of fears are raised by the leading journalists of Pakistan in the recent days. Maulana Fazal  Ur Rehman of JUI has also recently said that if the policy of PTI will remain for a year or so then I fear that Kyberpakhtoonkhwa may not remain part of Pakistan. Basically he has tried to point out the law and order situation under the PTI government.

The news items coming from the adjacent areas of Waziristan like D.I.Khan, Lakki Marwat, and Bannu reveals that again the crimes like kidnapping of doctors, target killing and robbery are on the rise.

This situation is in no way encouraging for the army of Pakistan. It is possible that the desperate people will come at the door of GHQ for justice. The people whose love ones are killed in the suicide bombing may commit suicides in front of the GHQ.

The pretense that operation against terrorists may lead to anarchy is not logical. This present situation is basically the most feared anarchy. What else terrorists could do? They have killed Benazeer, Bashir Bilour, son of Iftekhar Hussian, Major General Niazi, police officers, attacks have been made on Maulana Fazal ur Rehman, Qazi Hussain Ahmad, journalists, GHQ, Kamra, Peshawar airport, Peshawar High Court, Naval  base,  Siri lankan team, mosques, Imam Bargahs, Churches, religious scholars, Shrines of great Sufis, Medical Colleges, government employees, Kidnaping of VC Ajam Khan and Lutfullah Kakakhel, fifty thousand innocents are killed, Schools are destroyed and even a young girl Malala was not spared.

How many reasons do we need to stand against the terrorists? My answer may annoy the Pakistan army but the fact is that army is still in confusion. Still it is not clear whether they want to push TTP towards Afghan Taliban to handle the post 2014 scenario in Afghanistan or they are afraid of political scenario. Army may be fearful that the political leadership will place the burden on the shoulders of the army.

But the fact is that every day civilians are brutally murdered. And neither politicians nor army is taking the responsibility. Are we waiting for the time when the civilians will start preparing suicide jackets and choose the target according to their own understanding? Pakhtoons are famous for revenge and the present situation may create millions of suicide bombers which will have to decide to choose among US, Pakistan army, Taliban, Iran, Barelvi, Devebandi, Saudi Arab, Punjabi, India, Israil, Uzbek, Tajik, and Russia, as their perceived enemy.

The way Afghan crisis are being imported to Pakistan similarly Pakistani situation will export terrorists globally. Now it is a time for Pakistan army to decide whether they want to handle the situation in Waziristan or they want to make a new Afghanistan for new great game. If there are chances of success of negotiations them army must take the initiative otherwise we are fed up of seeing the blood of innocent people.


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