If Mullah Umer is targeted like Hakim…

By Farman Nawaz (The Frontier Post)

When Adnan Rasheed escaped from Bannu jail, he was greeted like a bridegroom by the TTP, however very little is known about the prisoners who escaped from the D.I. Khan jail. Media, politicians, Taliban and army too were silent about them. But The Guardian has exposed the fact and broke the silence.

According to the report of the Guardian “Saudi Arabia is preparing to spend millions of dollars to arm and train thousands of Syrian fighters in a new national rebel force to help defeat Bashar al-Assad and act as a counterweight to increasingly powerful jihadi organizations. According to one unconfirmed report the JAI (Jaysh al-Islam )will be trained with Pakistani help, and estimates of its likely strength range from 5,000 to more than 50,000”.

If this report is true then the parties which are in favor of peace negotiations with Taliban at any cost are indirectly paving way for Syrian rebels training project. It is evident that this does not seem Pakistani army funded project. Syrian rebel training project is the brainchild of American interests. Employment for Syrian army was started in European countries but the surveys conducted by the experts of mass media reveals that Europe is cautious about the return of these militants back to Europe. TTP at war with Pakistan army cannot provide assistance in training project or exporting militants to Syria from Pakistan. That’s could be the reason that US did not object the peace negotiations with Taliban so that militants get free for the new training project.

The point of disagreement between Pakistani politicians and army seems the outcome of these peace negotiations. These negotiations will declare indirectly the Pakistan army as a defeated army instead of the fact that it did not loss an inch of Pakistani territory. And at the same time this peace agreement will give a space to Pakistani politicians to take a sigh of relief for the time being. And of course the religious vote bank is also the main objective the PTI, PML-N, JUI and JI to secure.

While when we look at the Pakistani militant’s side then we see a disagreement among militant groups about exporting terrorism from Pakistan to Syria. First of all it will be a very tough decision of a head of a militant group to drive its group to a place where they will not be able to own a place as they are doing in Pakistan. The question is why they should leave a place where they are ‘Amirs’ of a place they are residing. For convincing the militants to go to Syria first of all there must be a unity among disperse militants groups. Since 2012 this task has been given to TTP but it could not succeed. The death of Hakim Ullah Mehsood must also be studied in this scenario.

It was a nice move taken by the US to drive the militants from Afghanistan and Pakistan to Syria before 2014. But its complications were not analyzed properly. It could put Pakistan in a direct confrontation with Russian interests. The silence of Pakistan army about the incidence of D.I. khan jail shows that there may be any consensus about the export of terrorism to Syria but in the long run the same move can bounce back when these militants will come back or when US will blame Pakistan to export terrorism to Syria. If there is any consensus in Pakistani army about this training project then it must think thousands of times before favoring this project because European nations have rejected this idea.

Whatever the planning of US and its allies is but the selection of Mulla Fazlullah as TTP head has given Pakistan a chance to pave way for an operation against TTP. The previous operation of Swat against Mulla Fazlullah was approved by the MMA government and I don’t think that the previous MMA components can oppose any move against Mulla Radio. PTI would be certainly in a sock to hear about Mulla Radio selection as TTP head.

Previously we have wasted an opportunity when a young girl Malala was targeted by TTP but  now again this new scenario can help a lot Pakistani army to plan at least a propaganda campaign against the militants. We will have to shun our previous policy of nurturing terrorism. When Abdullah Abdullah of Afghanistan pose a question to the delegation of Defense committee of Pakistani Senate that why Pakistan is not investing in Afghanistan just like India our doors are open for Pakistan, then no one could give a satisfactory response.

Militancy has no future in the region. Pakistan must understand this after the death of Wali Rehman and Hakim Ullah. It is certain that Afghan Taliban cannot occupy Kabul or can become a threat to Kabul. Time is changed and even no one wants that Taliban should destroy the peace of Afghanistan. Once Junejo took the decision to sign Geneva accord and today Nawaz Sharif is thinking on the same pattern but maybe he is waiting for the end of November. Though army has waited for a long time to see the outcome of Afghan issue after 2014 and we have seen the blood of our young ones during this process but any misshape with Afghan Taliban like the death of Wali Rehman and Hakim Ullah will surely put us in a very humiliating position. God forbid if Mullah Umer is targeted like Hakim so what options are left with Pakistan.


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