Emerging Iran , retreating KSA might cause serious consequences for the region

By Farman Nawaz

Under the shadows of the conflict in Yemen the successful Iranian Nuclear deal with the global powers is a step towards tightening the reins of monarchs of unipolar world. Bringing the Asian issues to table is the success of the struggles which try to transform this world from unipolar regime to multipolar republic.

Amid the unsatisfying voices of critics of the deal, the cheerful faces of the Iranians celebrating the news verify that it is not the victory of those forces which prefer to decide the matters in the battle field. It seems that now even a most horrible propaganda like ‘Iranians eat little babies’ will not work to collect support against Iran.

The belief that now Iran would be at the mercy of IAEA is irrelevant because Iran was able to defend its claim of enrichment of Uranium for peaceful purposes. Secondly this time the world is not ready to deal Iran on the pattern of Iraq or Libya. Libya might be forced to deal on nuclear issue after Iraq destruction or it was Gadhafi secret dealing with US but Iran’s position is different. Iran is dealing with the global powers and its regional position is also different from that of Libya. Not only in the past (Persian Empire) but even in Islamic history (Safavid dynasty) Iran was a power of the region and today Iran is again eager to gain that role in the regional politics.

It is feared that the ongoing development of creation of rebellious forces in the Middle East and Iran’s surrender to global powers is sign of Iran’s weak position. This analysis is illogical in the sense that Iran does not need nuclear capability to deal with any uprising and secondly creating a rebellion inside Iran is impossible. First of all there is religious and social harmony in Iran and secondly Iranians have both the options of conservative and liberal elements in their political system and the tangle between these two forces is to provide alternative leadership to the people rather than overthrowing the government.

Today if on one side Iran was able sit with the global powers amid the strong opposition of Israel and American Republicans, on the other side the present move of Saudi Arabia against the rebels of Yemen is not globally welcomed. In a country like Pakistan where the hold of religious fundamentalism is very strong the social and news media of Pakistan and its political parties are opposing the involvement of Pakistan in Yemen. Pakistan and Turkey stance of peaceful solution of Yemen issue is the diplomatic failure of Saudi Arabia.  Saudi statement to acquire nuclear capability in case of Iranian nuclear deal is the manifestation of fear of Iranian supremacy in the region.

But whoever wins it is a fact that burning Middle East poses threats to the interests of regional powers. It will be a challenge for their foreign policies. The confrontation of Iran and its opponents to gain supremacy in the Middle East will destroy the peace efforts in the surrounding region.

It must be kept in mind that Middle East is not a challenge for the USA foreign policy only. Troubled Middle East is a challenge for Chinese economic policy in the region. Disturbed Middle East will be a good nursery for Islamic State and eventually it will create troubles for Peace efforts in Afghanistan and Pakistan where Chinese investment is desperately needed.

It is also a challenge for Pakistan because fulfilling this demand of Saudi Arabia can cause rifts in Pakistan army comprising of Shia and Sunni soldiers. Pakistan’s involvement in the Yemen conflict will divert its attention from the inner uprising of ISIS. Very recently three Pakistani soldiers are killed by IS. Islamic State spokesman Shahid Ullah Shahid (formerly spokesman of TTP) has taken the responsibility. In such an environment sending troops to KSA will create problems for Pakistan.

Instead of waiting for the new developments regional powers must take an initiative to solve the issue otherwise power hungry Middle Eastern powers are posing serious threats to the peace of the region.


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