Siege of ISIS

By Farman Nawaz

After the end of cold war the tactics of that era are no more helpful in dealing with the situation in the Middle East. The mechanism of proxy wars can destabilize a region for a short period of time as the regional powers have learnt how to deal with insurgencies funded from outside.

The alliance of Iran, Iraq, Syria and Russia against IS and the recent announcement of Pakistan’s Army Chief to stop the expansion of IS in the region, is the indication of the end of proxy wars in Asia. These new developments prove that Asians will not tolerate to be exploited again for the interests of others. At the same time these developments show that regional powers too are not ready to be indifferent to the Asian conflicts.

The insurgents are also aware of the fact that after being used by the international powers they are left at their own having no destination. This fact is also revealed by Hilary Clinton. The way people were employed against the USSR in Afghanistan now it is not possible in Syria to deceive the people for long. The stories of the young girls and boys traveling from the Western countries to Syria could not create a wave here in Asia to motivate the young to join the ISIS. Few splinter groups have joined ISIS in Afghanistan but as a whole ISIS is not successful in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Secondly the war on terror has given the option to other nations too to tag and link the insurgents with internal terrorists organizations and then to target them. Russia is using this technique very tactfully in Syria. The reaction of Western nations against Russian move indicates that Russia is successful in targeting ISIS.

Although in this age of social media terrorist’s organizations are successful in attracting the people but it is also a fact that very few people have practically joined the Jihadi organizations after being exposed to Jihadi websites. The stories of success of online Jihad are only meant to glamorize the situation and to attract the common people and to give the impression of Band Wagon. The fact is that only armed groups are systematically approached and made part of Jihadi groups.

But now the new developments have changed the game. The recent report published by Canadian Centre for Research on Globalization and Sputnik reveals that Obama advisors recommend withdrawal from Syria as the overthrow of Asad is no more enforceable. Once it was not possible for Russia to collect the support of partners in the Middle East to stop western influence but the blunders of the USA have enable Russia to stand against the so called American support for regime change in Syria. The influx of refugees too has perplexed the Western countries because it was not the part of game.

ISIS is practically in siege. The recent news of Al Bughdadi death or injury indicates the alliance against ISIS has successfully located him and targeted him. Unlike Al Qaida and its leader Osama the fate of ISIS and leadership might be different because there were no such planned and sincere efforts against them as we see against ISIS. The much needed regional alliance against the terrorists groups was the need of the time.

Indirectly this alliance is the extension of SCO mission and vision. But it would be better if the same type of alliance and operation is started in Afghanistan to secure Afghanistan and its neighbors because the fleeing militants might start taking refuge in the war torn Afghanistan.


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