Israel must find the gateway to the Muslim World

By Farman Nawaz

The news (AWDNews) of appointment of honorary ambassador by Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the State of Israel will open a way for other Muslim countries to establish diplomatic relations with Israel.

The State of Israel is a ‘No Go’ area for the Muslims of the world. Even some of the passports of Muslim countries are not valid for traveling to Israel. Stopping Muslims not to travel to Israel might give the impression to Israel that what Muslim World think about the State of Israel and it might be a sign of solidarity with the Muslim World but  will it stop the Muslims to interact with the Jews. It is now the age of globalization and internet is linking different communities of the world. Jews are not only confined to Israel. They are living in UK and USA where most of the Muslims want to migrate.

The political and economic boycott of Israel by the Muslim world could not stop the political and economic development of Israel. Though good relations with neighbors help a lot a state to concentrate on its internal matters and international reputation however Israel is an exception in this case. It not only established a strong internal base but also made international relations with powers like China, India, USA, UK, and many other countries of the world. Beside the fact that its opponents are having the resources of oil, Israel could wisely compel the Western world to keep their everlasting support for the solidarity of Israel.

Israel also tried to establish its diplomatic relations with the Muslim world. The fact which is so far not propagated in the Muslim World is the reality that the Muslim countries which have diplomatic relations with Israel are also not hated in the Muslim World. Turkey is popular in the whole Muslim World despite the fact that it has economic and political relations with Israel. The recent gas deal of Turkey with Israel is its example. This pipeline can open a passage for Israel to Europe.

The challenge for Israel is to establish diplomatic relations with Muslim countries in Asia especially Pakistan. Israel failed to exploit the opportunity after its successful linkage with Pakistan during Afghan Jihad. Israel could establish strong relations with Pakistan during the years when Pakistani hopes were deserted by US attitude after the cold war. After establishing relations with China, Israel could use the platform of China to have relations with Nuclear power Pakistan. Desperate Pakistan could accept the leniency in Israel attitude. Pakistan negotiated with India on the soil of USSR after 1965 war, so why would it reject any Israeli offer after the cold war when it desperately needed support from the International community.

However Israel might not want to sacrifice on the cost of Indian relations. But the fact is that Pakistan could become a gateway for Israel to penetrate into the Muslim World. Giving advantage to Indian relations over the relations with Muslim World would be an illogical decision. Normalizing relations with neighbors is far better than having relations with friends thousand miles away.  Pakistan is neighbor of Iran which Israel considers a funding source of organizations like Hamas. Relations with Pakistan could help Israel to negotiate with Iran with whom there was no other bridge other than Pakistan.

US inclination towards India and Pakistan looking forward towards regional powers is a situation which Israel can exploit. During the Yemen and Syrian crises Pakistan tried its best to be neutral. For the first time Pakistan tried to keep itself away from the crises of the Arab world.

Pakistan is facing multifaceted crises and now it’s up to Israel to find out opportunities for itself to extend the hand of friendship. Pakistan is an ideological state but it also established relations with communist China. Hesitation of Pakistan can be overcome by Israel by finding appropriate opportunity.


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