PTI protest against corruption is useless

By Farman Nawaz

The answer is very simple because common people cannot differentiate between a corrupt and an honest system. They simply judge the good and bad governance by looking at the performance of government departments they usually interact with.

Common people judge the performance of government by examining the performance of WAPDA, hospitals, police, schools, condition of roads, proceedings of courts, prices of commodities etc. Slogans against corruption might help the political parties to distract the sitting government but the common people don’t know what does really corruption mean. They don’t have a simple criterion to judge the level of corruption.

Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf first protested against the rigging in election and now its agenda is to pressurize the government by creating cue and cry against Panama scandal. Common masses of Pakistan don’t have any criteria to analyze the level of success of protests of PTI against the government.

On the other side if Pakistan tehrik e Insaf starts protesting against the burning issue of load shedding of electricity then the common people can analyze the effects of PTI protest.  Up to now PTI has protested against those issues which are difficult for the common people to understand and analyze.

Consciously or unconsciously PTI has adopted the Pakistan Muslim League style of politics. PML-N have always highlighted the corruption of Pakistan People’s Party. However it is also a fact that PPP and ANP did not win many seats because of the threat of terrorism in the last election. These two parties were so frightened that they could not conducted election campaigns. In a way the scenario was set for PML-N and PTI.

Protest politics will help PTI to be in the highlights of news bulletins but it will not help it to emerge as a winning party. Rosy slogans will not help PTI to win the next elections. Street politics is not confined to protest against corruption and rigging.  Street politics has its own parameters.

PTI will have to choose such aspects for protests which are difficult for the government to deal with. Load shedding is an issue whose permanent solution is impossible for the government. PTI can pressurize the government and win the sympathies of common people till next elections by protesting against the government unwillingness to solve the load shedding. The issue of load shedding is very simple for the common people to understand. Either the government will have to solve the issue or otherwise it might become a bone struck in the neck of the government.

So far the issues raised by Pakistan Tehrek e Insaf are not important enough for general masses that can mold the public opinion in favour of PTI in the next general elections. It has only made PTI to earned the name of ‘Dhurna party’. PTI will have to feel the pulse of the common men before the next elections. Only selection of genuine issues can help PTI to win the minds of Pakistanis. Otherwise people have the option of other political parties which have strong political bases and propaganda campaigns.

This time hopefully the issue of terrorism will not be a hindrance in the path of PPP and ANP. JUI too will come with full preparation targeting the weak areas of PTI in KPK.

In the next general elections different political parties will come forward with various convincing campaigns. That party will have an upper hand whose convincing criteria is close to the pulse of general masses and whose homework is based on the bases of street politics.


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