Pakistani and Indian media must not play with the fragile peace

By Farman Nawaz

Editorial Border Times Pakistan

Readers who regularly study the Pakistani and Indian media are well aware of the fact that there is always a type of competition in the media groups of Pakistan and India to highlight the negative image of the opponents.

It is very strange that even the media groups of India and Pakistan which are considered secular, liberal and apparently have friendly approach to the issues across the border, also do not lose a chance to criticize policies across the border.

The possible reason might be the compulsion of ratings. Common people of India and Pakistan want to listen about the weak points of policies of the opponents. Therefore the media groups keep in mind this type of mentality.

Indian media always try to target the human rights violations and issues of minorities in Pakistan. Similarly after the tilt of India towards USA, Indian media has keen interest in those news stories where Pakistan has difficulties in its international relations.

For the same reason Indian journalists keep an eye on the Chinese media to collect such news stories and articles where Pakistan is supported by China. Any article or even a sentence against Pakistan in Chinese media becomes a golden sparrow for Indian media. Such news stories are given special attention by the Indian media persons.

The same is the case here in Pakistan. When minorities are targeted in India then Pakistani media deride India for so-called secularism. In Pakistan secularism is considered as a type of infidelity but in case of India the definition of infidelity is changed.

Instead of playing with the issues of one another Pakistani and Indian media must find some fruitful aspects to strengthen the fragile peace.

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