Dual nationality for Afghan refugees is better than betting on the wrong horse

By Farman Nawaz

Editorial Border Times Pakistan

Pakistani and Indian media have published the pictures of border security forces exchanging sweets on the occasion of Eid-ul-Fiter. That is the gesture that media must promote however the these pictures initiated a debate among Pashtuns that the same gesture could be made on Pakistan and Afghan border after the recent skirmishes.

The security forces of Pakistan and Afghanistan might have exchanged sweets on borders but it is not highlighted in media. On social media the pictures of Pakistani and Indian security forces exchanging sweets were shared with an Urdu caption; Afghans are not Jews, what about them? Pashtuns need the same attitude towards the western border on such occasions.

Similarly the recent issue of Afghan refugees was also debated on social media. Nationalist Pashtuns opposed the decision of Pakistan. Mehmud Khan Achakzai was targeted for his interview and his opposition to expel the Afghan refugees.

The issue of Afghan refugees gained impetus after Afghanistan’s trade agreement with Iran and India but the fact which is always ignored in Pakistan is the attitude towards Afghan refugees. Any decision in haste can ruin Pakistan’s hospitality of more than three decades.

Afghan refugees are Pakistan’s representatives in the modern Afghanistan. Instead of betting on the wrong horses Pakistan must invest in these future assets. Moral investment on millions of refugees will help Pakistan to make its dream come true.

The new Afghan generation is grown up in Pakistan. They not only speak and understand Urdu but they are influenced by Pakistani culture too. They are better than the people who only understand the language of hostility. These refugee Afghan young men and women are Pakistan’s ambassadors. An offer of dual nationality for these Afghans can help Pakistan to neutralize the Indian factor in Afghanistan. This is the only weapon with Pakistan that India can’t compete with.


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