Pakistan standing at the crossroads

By Farman Nawaz

Editorial Border Times Pakistan

Pakistan is faced by a new situation since last week. Pakistan’s efforts in United Nations to highlight the Kashmir issue are shattered by the Indian stance about Pakistan declaring Pakistan a state which promotes terrorism.

The recent comments of CIA director John Brennan that the next U.S president will continue to support air strikes against militants without consulting any world leaders, including Pakistani leaders . He said that the Taliban and its brutal offshoot, the Haqqani network, continue to wage war in Afghanistan, also reveal the tightening grip around Pakistan.

On the other hand Afghanistan too has shown its cards. President Ashraf Ghani statement in the NATO summit and afterwards his remarks that Pakistan should not give shelter to Afghan terrorists is an indication of major policy shift in Afghanistan stance.

Now the former Afghan Chief of spy agency statement that Pakistan must be added to the list of terrorist state is a stance that is much similar to Indian stance in the UNO. The last blow to Pakistan is the announcement of Afghan President that Afghanistan has no plans to revive talk with Taliban.

Bringing Afghan government to table to sit with Taliban is the last hope of Pakistan since the start of war on terror. This dream is shattered for the time being. All of a sudden Pakistan is standing at a crossroads. Both India and Afghanistan has labeled it the sanctuary of terrorists and USA has grievances against the selected military operation of Pakistan against terrorists.

Once Pakistan had to say good bye to the armed struggle in Kashmir when such movements were declared terrorists activities by the international establishment. Pakistani Prime Minister Muhammad Khan Junejo was ousted by the president Zia when he differed with him on the policy of Pakistan towards Afghanistan.

This time the ball is in Chinese court. China is part of that group which is facilitating Taliban negotiation with Afghan government. Chinese investment in Pakistan and Afghanistan will determine the new rules of the game. However it seems that Pakistan will have to draw new lines for its foreign policy.


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