Regional peace to help Pakistan to minimize dependence on others

By Farman Nawaz

Editorial Border Times Pakistan

China is investing billions of dollars in Pakistan and common Pakistanis are very excited for Pakistan’s relations with the China. However common Chinese are indifferent towards Pakistan.

This indifference is visible in the coverage of Pakistani news in the Chinese media. Indian and Afghan media give special importance to Pakistan relevant news and views. But in Chinese media only those news stories from Pakistan are published which are either of Chinese interest oriented or big enough to get the attention of global media. Only pro-Pakistan news and views are published in Chinese media and the same is the case with Pakistani media.

Keeping on one side the excitement of common Pakistanis about China it is a fact that people to people interaction between China and Pakistan is not enough to divert the attention of media of Pakistan and China towards special coverage of one another. Its possible cause might be the difference in cultures and languages. However Chinese media welcomes the opinion articles from Pakistanis. But Chinese media keep on mind the national interests of China.

The friendship between China and Pakistan seems to be the relations between establishments of China and Pakistan. The need is to enhance people to people interaction. But Pakistan will have to ensure security to the common Chinese in Pakistan and stoppage of creeping of extremist mindset to China.

On the other hand Pakistan too will have to come out of craze of Chinese friendship. Regional peace and prosperity will help Pakistan to decrease its dependence on economic and military help of big powers. Chinese investment is a blessing for Pakistan but our neighbours should also get benefit of it. CPEC must not make Pakistan a sandwich between India and Afghanistan relations. CPEC must bridge our differences with annoying neighbours.


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