One and half billion people suffer due to Kashmir issue

By Farman Nawaz

The speeches of the prime ministers of Pakistan and India on the platform of UNO reflected the decades old enmity of these two nations. These two prime ministers represent almost one and half billion people of the world.

Basically it is the unrest in Kashmir which is twisting arms of both the nations to change the tone of the language. The issue of Kashmir which Pakistan terms freedom movement and India labels it terrorism, is once again affecting the fragile relations of Pakistan and India.

Here I would like to pose few questions from the intelligentsia of both these nations.

The fact which is ignored here in Pakistan and so far no one in Pakistan raised the issue that why Indian Muslims – other than Kashmiris – are not protesting against the atrocities of Indian government in Kashmir. Why Jamiat Ullema Hind (India) is not protesting for Kashmiri Muslims? Is this indifference because of the fact that Indian Muslims might be telling Kashmiris that once the Muslims of present day India voted for division of India and then they had to try for years to remove the label of traitors?

It is very weird that once Jamat e Islami of Pakistan was blaming Black Water for terrorist activities in Pakistan however at the same time JI was also propagating for negotiations with Taliban for the solution of terrorism in Pakistan. But no one questioned the logic behind negotiations with Taliban and the solution of Black Water sponsored terrorism.

Now Pakistan blames India for terrorist activities in Pakistan but surprisingly Pakistan is not interested in discussing this issue with India despite the fact that India is insisting for it. Terrorism has engulfed more than 70,000 people in Pakistan, now if India is behind all this bloodshed then why we are not compelling India to come to table talks to shun its support of terrorism in Pakistan. Indian involvement in terrorism is more important than the issue of Kashmir.

Secondly if India is involved in terrorism in Pakistan then why it is not targeting the province of Punjab and Sindh from where CPEC is passing through and according to a report of a committee of Senate of Pakistan its main developmental projects are confined to Punjab.

India too always blames Pakistan for infiltration in Kashmir and seducing Kashmiri youth for Jihad but why so far India is not able to appease the annoying Kashmiris to stop them being exploited by Pakistan against India.

India is successful in keeping the Indian Muslims detached from the International Jihadi movements and politics. Rarely it is heard that Indian Muslims are affiliated with any international Jihadi movement. But when it comes to Kashmir then India starts howling about Pakistan involvement in patronizing Jihad in Kashmir. Why India is not able to keep Kashmiri youth aloof from Jihad oriented thinking? That is the question that Indians must pose to their leaders.

Similarly why only Kashmiri Muslims are hurling Pakistani flags in Indian held Kashmir. The fact is that India is not able to absorb Kashmiris in its world largest democratic setup despite the fact that elections are held in Kashmir and Kashmiris too take part in these elections.

If India can establish strong relations with Muslim countries like Afghanistan, Iran and Arab world then why can’t they bring the separatists in Kashmir to table talks? Why India is so far failed to get the support of the Muslim World to settle the dispute of Kashmir?

It is the Kashmir issue which is hindering the way towards prosperity in South Asia. The regional organizations like SAARC headed towards failure because of the waring situation between Pakistan and India.

The issue of Kashmir has made these two nations to be indifferent to peace. Almost one and half billion population of Pakistan and India always live in the world of hate and suffering. The dilemma is Indians and Pakistanis are driven by their governments to think the way their governments wish to. Kashmiris too are not an exception. Do the Kashmiris have the ability to think differently and to find a solution of Kashmir issue?

Almost seven decades ago Muslims of subcontinent gathered around Quad –e- Azam in the elections of 1945-46 and Pakistan came into being in 1947. Do Kashmiris have the ability to find a leader who can lead them towards solution? Do Kashmiris have a solution which is acceptable to Pakistan and India or they are waiting for a solution to be imposed on them?


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