Kulbhushan and Ehsan – the confession is not the solution

By Farman Nawaz

Just to prove the claim of Indian involvement in terrorist activities in Pakistan, Ehsan Ullah Ehsan was given a chance to appear on media in Pakistan and cleanse his past by narrating his differences with Taliban over their getting support from India for terrorist activities in Pakistan.

Saleem Safi was selected as media person to interrogate Ehsan and present his views on media. Surprisingly he also did not ask Ehsan that why he couldn’t convince himself to destroying Pakistan with Indian funding.  What is the difference between destroying Pakistan with one’s own resources and getting support from a foreign country?

It is very strange that the massacre in Army School Peshawar could not melt the heart of Ehsan but only Indian involvement made his mind to say good bye to Taliban movement. No one asked him that why he surrendered to army. Was there no other organization that he could join and proceed with his ideology and agenda? Does he believe that now Pakistan is better than the Taliban concept of Khilafat and Sharia?  Why Ehsan did not talk about Afghan Taliban? If Afghan Taliban are the righteous then why didn’t he joined Afghan Taliban?

The fact is that the future of proxy wars is dark in this region. In Afghanistan Gul Badin Hikmatyar is back and appealed to Taliban to join the political ranks. The future of Afghanistan is democracy and reconstruction. Afghans have given their reigns to politicians. In this scenario there is no need of fundamentalists in Afghan political horizon. The same is the development here is Pakistan.

Pakistan is surrendering in the game of proxy wars. Proxy wars now don’t need ideologies but funding and this funding is welcomed from any opponent. This point has twisted Pakistan’s arm to change its policies. Tit for tat policy has made Pakistan shun its assets. However pointing fingers at others will also not save Pakistan from humiliating defeat in proxy wars.

Taliban are left with no other option but to surrender and that is the reason that in the first instance only non-combatant Taliban will hand over themselves to Pakistani agencies and afterwards if the fighters are not killed in the operations , they will come and hide themselves in the laps of army.

Taliban have killed many innocent Pakistanis in the tribal areas. In Pakhtoon culture they will have to face the families of the people who they have killed brutally in the name of religion and espionage. Sufi Muhammad too after instigating and carrying people to fight in Afghanistan along with Taliban when returned from Afghanistan so instead of facing the public rage he surrendered himself to the army. Later he was used to negotiate with Taliban in Swat and after failure he was again arrested.

The question is whether Pakistanis will welcome a similar scene across the border if an Afghan Taliban handover themselves to Afghan army and vows to shun extremism. This is the question which will decide what type of peace we are interested in. Peace in Afghanistan is the key to peace in Pakistan. Narrowing ways for India in Afghanistan and compelling Afghans to open the borders for Pakistan and regional powers will only make the situation worse for Pakistan.

The former late Prime Minister Mr. Muhammad Khan Junejo has shown the way how to interact with Afghanistan but unfortunately that policy is still not acceptable to Pakistani establishment. Zia wanted a provisional Mujahdeen led government after Soviet withdrawal and still the same policy is reflected in Pakistani establishment decisions about Afghanistan.

Kulbhushan and Ehsan have revealed the Indian involvement in terrorist activities in Pakistan but on the other hand the whole Afghan nation speaks against Pakistan’s involvement in Afghanistan. The confession of few people will not help Pakistan save its land from terrorism.


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