Pak vs India : Looking Inward policy

By Farman Nawaz

The recent Indian venture to send a satellite weighing 3136 kg using Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle Mark III weighing 740 tons might not get attention of many Pakistanis but this indifference of Pakistanis might be pleasing India to see Pakistan engaged in nonproductive ventures like supporting Afghan Taliban and in response getting hatred of common Afghans for Pakistan.

Pakistan in quest to neutralize Indian factor in Afghanistan is lagging behind India in many fields. On August 7 and October 10, 2016 Pakistani newspaper The Express Tribune reported that Pakistan lags behind India and other South Asian nations in Economic growth. On April 2, 2015 Daily Dawn reported that according to secretary of Ministry of Science and Technology of Pakistan, Pakistanis are behind the rest of the region in research and development.

On Oct 2, 2015 Daily Dawn published an article of Mr. Aleem Bawanay titled “Where does Pakistan stand as India chases digital dreams?” According to the writer the CEOs of Google, Microsoft and Adobe are all of Indian origin.

Very recently on Jan 3, 2017 The Nation reported that Pakistan is lagging behind India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal in terms of social development.

These were just few reports mainly of Pakistan own newspapers. Hundreds of reports can be searched on internet that can verify that how Pakistan is trapped in the quagmire of crisis. But it seems very strange that instead of these entire eyes opening facts Pakistan is living in fantasy world to neutralize Indian factor in Afghanistan without investing in different developmental projects in Afghanistan.

Australian National University website published a blog on Aug 12, 2012 titled “Why Pakistan is lagging behind India?” According to the writer “before the fall of Dhaka Pakistan was economically more vibrant than India because fundamental Islam was weak and Pakistan was politically and economically more liberal. Afterwards the legacy of both Taliban and Kashmiri Mujahadeen has created terror and instability in Pakistan. Putting that genie back in the bottle is difficult, but is necessary, if Pakistan is to regain its economic dynamism”.

For a country like Pakistan strong army is a necessity because of the fact that our few regional countries became an easy prey of international sponsored terrorists. But on the other side expenses for security is becoming a burden for the meager shoulders of Pakistani economy. Besides security the game of good and bad Taliban has also become a burden not only for economy but for politics too. The recent Dawn Leaks issue was a tangle between establishment and government of Pakistan. It is the same scenario which Pakistan witnessed before Geneva Talks in 80’s when civil government preferred not to interfere in Afghanistan and then general Zia had to fire the elected prime minister.

Since 1980’s Pakistan could not change its foreign policy regarding Afghanistan and the result is that today Pakistan is trapped in the vicious cycle of loans and political compulsions. Pakistanis proudly own the defeat of USSR in Afghanistan but forget that Afghanistan war was an outcome of Cold war which Russia ended one-sidedly and the same war led to the breakup of USSR.

Pakistanis have not raised this question so far that what is the booty of Afghan War for Pakistan. USSR was defeated and USA emerged as a sole supper power but what is the status of victorious Afghanistan and alloy of Mujahideen Pakistan.

On the other side India mostly kept itself aloof from the South Asian conflicts and today Indians are not worried while carrying Indian passports internationally. Indians are not harassed abroad after any terrorist attacks in the Western World. India has kept Indian Muslims away from any Jihadi organization that is the reason that Indian Muslims mentality is different from Pakistanis. Indian Muslims consider secularism as the key to unity of India while the same secularism is termed infidelity in Pakistan. The lynching of Mashal khan in Khan Abdul Wali Khan University is the recent example of murder of secularism in Pakistan.


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