Farman Nawaz (Urdu: فرمان نواز); (born 5 May 1977) is working as Media Manager at Federal Tax Ombudsmen Secretariat Islamabad. He has framed a new business model for journalism to save the dying journalism. His model consist of three layers i.e. content, integration and distribution.

Nawaz initially started working as a sub editor  at Peshawar based provincial newspaper The Frontier Post.

He  has contributed articles to mainly English newspapers of Pakistan, China and Afghanistan. Nawaz mainly wrote against terrorism, extremism, and Talibanization.  But his Urdu articles,  published on Express News website were mainly about women rights and the status of women in Pakistan .

Farman Nawaz is inspired from the liberal views of Maulana Ubaidullah Sindhi and translated the Urdu articles of Maulana Ubaidullah Sindhi into English. 

References from his articles are included to reports of various institutions, thesis and online contents.

  1. Report ‘Debating the Pakistani National Interest over the Kerry-Lugar Bill’of Middle East Media Research Institute took references from his article ‘First violation of Kerry Lugar Bill’ published in The Frontier Post.[1]
  2. Quarterly publication, Indian Foreign Affairs Journal, of Association of Indian Diplomats in its vol. 6 (2011) gave special importance to his article ‘For Better Trade Ties’ published in Daily Dawn.[2]
  3. The think tank South Asian Analysis Group highlighted his work about religious liberalism in its report ‘Identity Crisis and Political realities of Indian Muslims’.[3]
  4. Research thesis titled ‘I AM (NOT) MALALA–ANTAGONISTIC PERCEPTIONS OF A NOBEL PRIZE LAUREATE’ of Department of Foreign Languages (National Intelligence Academy, Bucharest, Romania) took references from his article Noble Prize Winner’s Fate in Pakistan’ published in Daily Outlook Afghanistan. [4]
  5. Nirmalya Dutta of Daily News and Analysis of India (DNA India) in his news story pointed to his  article published in Daily Times about transgenders. [5]
  6. Salman Tarik Kureshi in his Daily Times article wrote a complete paragraph about his article published in the same newspaper. [6]
  7. Research article Promoting and Propagating Secularism through Gorakh Sutras published in International Journal of Exclusive Management Research took reference from his article “Why Indian Muslim Ullema are not popular in Pakistan?. [7]
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Journalism Career: Nawaz has contributed articles to Global Times China , Daily Times, Express News TV network of Pakistan,The Frontier PostStatesmanDawn, Aaj-Kal Lahore, Weekly Rutab Islamabad, Pakistan Christian Post, Pakistan Hindu Post, Asia Times Online (Hong Kong), Daily OutlookAfghanistan, Daily Pakistan Observer, Express Tribune (Blog Section). He had started an Urdu Weekly ‘Jirga Bannu’ (2013) and an English monthly ‘Bannu Chronicle but could not continue publishing because of financial problems. He  has also launched an online Urdu newspaper The Bannu Times which he stopped updating after being employed at Federal Tax Ombudsman Secretariat Islamabad, as Media Manager.

He was one of the popular writers of Express News (blog section) TV network Pakistan[9].

Anchor person: He worked for one year as Urdu anchor person on daily wages basis at Radio Pakistan Bannu. (FM 102).

Teaching Profession: Since March 2004 to May 2018 (14 Years), Farman Nawaz has taught Pakistan Studies at Pennell High School & Girls College (Under Diocese of Peshawar, Church of Pakistan).

Education: Farman Nawaz has done masters in Journalism and Mass Communication in 2000 from University of Peshawar – Pakistan. He did his B.A. in political science and history from Islamia College Peshawar.


Religious Liberalism

Nawaz supports religious liberalism in Pakistan.The Think Tank “South Asian Analysis Group” highlighted the work of Nawaz in its report “Identity Crisis and Political realities of Indian Muslims “.

Women Rights

Nawaz Urdu articles are mainly about women rights and status of women in fundamentalist societies.. He severely criticized theMurder of Farkhunda in Kabul.

Pakistan China Trade Corridor

Nawaz highlighted the controversial change brought by Pakistan government in the Pakistan China Trade Corridor route in 2013. His article “Proposed Sino-Pakistani trade route misses areas in need” was published in July 2013 by the state owned newspaper Global Times of China and later on by Express News TV Network of Pakistan  and Daily Pakistan Observer.

Chinese Investment

Nawaz writes about Chinese investment in Pakistan and Afghanistan. and considers ISIS a potential threat to Chinese Investment in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Kerry-Lugar Bill

Farman Nawaz wrote in favour of Kerry – Lugar Bill. His article “First violation of kerry – Lugar Bill” was added as a reference to the report (October 13, 2009) “Debating the Pakistani National Interest over the Kerry-Lugar Bill” compiled by The Middle East Media Research Institute.

Malala Fame

Nawaz is of the opinion that Malala would have gained more fame in Pakistan if she belonged to the province of Punjab. His opinion was not given importance by the mainstream media of Pakistan but his somewhat similar views in this regard were published by Daily Outlook Afghanistan.

Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry

During Pakistan People’s Party government in Pakistan (2008-2013) Nawaz criticized the stance of the former Chief Justice of Pakistan – Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry– ragarding NRO and Memogate issues.

Memogate (Pakistan)

Nawaz strongly supported former president Zardari during the Memogate issue at a time when mainstream media of Pakistan and Judiciary of Pakistan were against Zardari.

National Reconciliation Ordinance

Farman Nawaz supported the controversial National Reconciliation Ordinance of former president Pervez Musharraf. Nawaz also criticized the exiled leader Nawaz Sahrif for opposing the NRO. He argued that Nawaz Sharif also benefited from the ordinance during exile.

India-Pakistan Relations

As against the tradition of Pakistani journalism, Farman Nawaz supports trade with India. He strongly supported the idea of giving road facility to the traders of Afghanistan and India to pass through Pakistan.

Polygamy and child marriage

He is an active critic of Maulana Muhammad Khan Sherani, the chairman of Islamic Ideology Council. Sherani statement about second marriage and child marriage was strongly opposed by Nawaz.


His article “West imposes double standards regarding its own interests” published by Global Times China was widely criticized by protesters of Hong Kong. In his article Nawaz targeted Canadian rock band Nickelback for promoting violence in school children.

Bal Thackeray

Nawaz wrote a satirical article about Hindu extremist leader Bal Thackeray after his death. Nawaz termed the death of Bal Thackeray as the death of a villain of the story of hatred against Hindus.

Farman Nawaz articles generally got more than 25000 likes on Facebook page of Express News TV network. Even some posts are liked by more than 36000 users and shared more than 3500 times. The following links can be used to verify it.


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