Cost of selective justice and criticism

By Farman Nawaz (Daily Outlook Afghanistan)

Selective justice and criticism is the trend which is now felt and discussed all over Pakistan and serious circles of the society have now taken notice of it. A TV anchor, analyst and very staunch supporter of Chief Justice of Pakistan, Dr. Shahid Masood who did not get tired to sing the songs of justice of CJ, could not answer the question in a current affairs program about the selective justice of the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

Similarly Kuldip Nayar a senior Indian Journalist in his article has criticized the Pakistani government but could not find words to justify Chief Justice of Pakistan. But an Indian Judge, Justice Murkenday, in his article in The Hindu severely criticized Chief Justice Iftekhar Muhammad Chowdry for pretending to be the guardian of the Constitution of Pakistan.

Mollana Fazal-ur-Rehman of JUI though does not openly criticize judiciary and neither he nor his party is still targeted by the Supreme Court but his political statements show his reservations about the judicial decisions. Similarly Awami National Party leadership also openly expresses concerns about judicial decisions. Only Nawaz League and PTI are supporting the selective justice of the Supreme Court; as Nawaz Shrif has played the main part in restoration of Judges that is why Chief Justice is not opening any case against him.

Only petition of Asghar Khan about IJI is opened by the Supreme Court in which Nawaz Sharif was a beneficiary but the logic behind that case is not to target Nawaz but rather ISI’s Political Cell is the main target in that case. It is my personal opinion that in the last, these beneficiaries will play the role of eyewitness and ISI will have to face the consequences.

On the other hand Nawaz League and media are also involved in selective criticism. Once members of Awami National Party were targeted by Nawaz League and Awami National Party was forced to raise the slogan “Pakistan Zindabad”. Haji Adeel of ANP had to shout “Pakistan Zindabad” in the midst of the parliament. It was an attack on the patriotism of Pakhtuns in Pakistan. Very recently Mollana Fazal-ur-Rehman was derided to be neutral in election of the new prime minister. Members of Nawaz League openly raised the slogans “How much money you have taken?”

The politics of Mollana Sahab is a part of parliamentary politics. It is my personal opinion that if a particular ethnic group will be targeted by in such a careless way, so in future why they wouldn’t feel themselves alienated from the Pakistani society as imperialist powers are ready to undertake and support anti-Pakistan segments. Though it will be a very tough decision to start again from zero as we have done this once in 1947 but this kind of insult will surely one day provoke the alienated sentiments.

It is said that judiciary and media are free to eradicate corruption and opposition is playing its part positively but my own personal analysis is that this kind of selective justice and criticism will also compel the targeted politicians, businessmen, and officers to gather around Zardari to give him a second chance to even the score. He may not occupy any seat but he is a man that can work even sitting outside the play ground. His political career in jail has made him “anger free” and “shock proof”. The difference of language of opposition leaders and Zardari shows the difference of political maturity among them.

There is another angle of all this mess. It is said that now imperialist powers do not disintegrate countries but rather a popular leadership is killed or defamed. Libya and Iraq are the examples of such states. In Pakistan the same is happening. Popular leadership is targeted either by media or judiciary. Even Nawaz sharif, who is still exempted, cannot escape from the present tangle. An American writer Raymond W. Becker has very systematically disclosed the corruption of Nawaz family in the 90’s.

These corruption allegations are of the same decade where Zardari was named “Mr. 10%”. Now it will become a headache not only for Nawaz but for Chief Justice also, who has taken action on the allegations of Mansoor Ijaz too. Now again a foreigner is blaming a Pakistani politician and making the scenario tough for CJ to compel him to take Sue Moto. Similarly Imran Khan can be knocked out before elections just by propagating licentiousness of his past and his ‘Jewish linkage’.

But all these allegations are only against politicians. It will only make the politicians extinct species. The responsibility of any national defiance will be on the shoulders of those who are knocking out these politicians. Though judiciary, opposition and media are today playing the role of artillery but in the last only opposition will be the loser. Although media is also exposed but in any new setup judiciary and media will just bring new faces and they will continue their business. Genuine politicians will be the main losers.



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